New round@SL Fashion Week !!!


Dress==> PURE POISON – Miss sass gown grey
Pose==> PURPLE POSES – Erin 07


Top==> WELLDONE ATELIE – Summer top black
Skirt==> PURE POISON – Mona studded skirt
Shoes==> WHATEVER – Sissy black/black
Pose==> PURPLE POSES – Erin 05


Skin==> WOW – Chanel tan
Top==> Lazybones – Top of bodysuit strapped white
Pants==> WHATEVER – Big booty bish zwei
Shoes==> WHATEVER – Sissy white
Pose==> PURPLE POSE – Erin 04


Sweater==> XIAJ – Lightning sweater
Pants==> PURE POISON – Pia stripes pants
Pose==> PURPLE POSES – Erin 01


Dress==> LETHAL – Stripe split
Skin==> WOW – Chanel tan


Pants==> XIAJ – Lightning skinny pants
Shoes==> XIAJ – Lightning supras

SL Fashion Week !!


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