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Skin==> THE BODY CO- Petal tan

Hair==> ELIKATIRA- Figure black

Makeup==> MONS- Eyeliner gothic black (NEW)

Glasses==> NYU- Studded sunglasses (NEW)

Nails==> IZZIE’S- Cracked nails

Bangles==> FZaPP- Bracelet lindo gold

Tatoo==> GLUE INK- Walk alone

Bangles 2==> BARCODE (Now 7891)- Linked up bracelet black

Pants==> LETHAL- Army fatigue pants black (Swag fest)

Top==> LETHAL- Cutout crop stars black (Swag fest)

Ring (right)==> LETHAL- Dangerous weapon ring gold

Belt==> LETHAL- Killer lipstick pure red

Hat==> LETHAL- Vintage army mashup hat black (Swag fest)

Shoes==> HOORENBREK- Dr H black

Ring (left)==> 7891- Emiss ring


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